Longford Masterclasses – Spring 2018

Masterclasses at Longford
Masonry and Mortars, Wood Carpentry, and Roofing Repair Methods

27 Aug – 1 Sept 2018 

The Longford Academy Masterclasses are collaborative learning activities led by experienced APT specialist practitioner educators. Participants work on conservation tasks under direction and engage in practical and theoretical activities, which may include information sessions, discussions, inspections, investigations, recording and group activities.

Masonry and Mortars

The 2018 Spring Masterclass in Masonry and Lime Mortar Repair Methods is presented at Woolmers and Brickendon Estates, Longford, Tasmania (World Heritage inscribed) by heritage conservation specialists, David Young and the Longford Academy team. David Young is a conservation practitioner, educator and author of technical publications on the conservation of masonry. His recent work includes investigations of lime in mortars and plasters and their application in the repair and conservation of traditional buildings.

Wood carpentry and joinery

The 2018 Spring Masterclass in Carpentry and Joinery conservation techniques is presented at Woolmers Estate, Longford, Tasmania by Gary Waller and specialists from Allways Wood Joinery, NSW. Gary Waller is a conservation specialist contractor and joiner; Managing Director of G&C Waller Builders and operator of a heritage joinery shop at Sutherland (AllWays Wood Joinery) employing a specialist team of joiners using traditional belt-driven machinery and modern equipment to reproduce high quality new work conservation of significant heritage building fabric.

Roofing and Roof Plumbing

The 2018 Spring Masterclass in Roofing and Roof Plumbing conservation techniques is presented at Brickendon Estate, Longford, by Greg Owen, a maintenance engineer, licensed plumber, conservation specialist contractor and managing director of Period Building Conservation, Stanley, Victoria. He is an expert in traditional roofing and conservation of traditional structures including iron and galvanized steel roofing.

Masterclasses and Workshop

The three Masterclasses run in parallel over 6 consecutive days. The program includes a one-day workshop on Saturday 1 September on Conservation Repair Methods, which is open to additional participants.

Participation Fees

A participation fee of $800 ($700 APT members) covers materials, site costs, refreshments and lunches. The participation fee includes the one-day conservation workshop on 1 September.


B&B accommodation is available on-site at Woolmers Estate (tel: 03 6391 2230),  Brickendon Estate (tel: 03 6391 1383) and nearby Racecourse Inn (tel: 03 6391 2352). Telephone direct for APT rates.

To register

  1. Please download the Longford Academy Spring 2018 information flyer
  2. Please email application to APT Australia Chapter convenor
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