Autumn delights at Longford Academy 2

Longford Academy participants at Brickendon Estate


The APT Australasian Chapter is delighted with the success of Longford Academy 2, held in Northern Tasmania on 16-20 May.  The feedback from participants confirms that the professional development offered in this program is comparable with the best available in the region.

Longford Academy participants on the portico at Clarendon

This year’s participants included students from four Australian states, as well as from Singapore and New Zealand.

They received formal presentations and guidance from APT Australasia Chapter members Donald Ellsmore and David Young, as well as other tutors Anne Cummins, Chris How, Gemma Webberley and Linda Clark, and venue hosts Louise and Richard Archer (Brickendon), Damian Saunders (Woolmers) and Linda Clark (Clarendon).

Longford Academy participants inspecting a roof at Woolmers Estate


Longford Academy participants inside the woolshed at Brickendon Estate



Longford Academy participants examining rising damp issues at Woolmers Estate

 This year, the Longford Academy included sessions on diagnostics (materials and structural) and stabilisation of structures, as well as environmental influences on deterioration (internal and external).  There were also sessions on surface finishes, addressing issues of soiling, cleaning, repair and stabilisation.

The APT Australasia Chapter envisages that a formal report from Longford Academy 2 will be available later this year.

Longford Academy participants inspecting internal areas at Clarendon

APT Australasia Chapter is aiming to grow the Longford Academy into an important annual event.  It combines formal presentations from recognised experts in their field with hands-on and participative working sessions where students and tutors work together to identify problems and develop solutions.  All of this is carried out in the unique traditional settings of the Brickendon and Woolmers Estates, part of the World Heritage listing for Australian Convict Sites.

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