APT Building Technology Heritage Library – project completion

APT Australasia Chapter is delighted to report that the project to scan material from Professor Miles Lewis‘ library for the APT International online Building Technology Heritage Library has now been completed.

The final project report covering both phases of the project is downloadable here.

In summary, a total of 362 documents have been scanned and uploaded.  These originate from between 1753 to 1973.  The size of individual documents varies from 1 to 1290 pages, with a total of nearly 75,000 pages scanned.

The origin of this material can be categorised as:
104  Australian
164  British
16  French
71  Usonian
7   other

APT Australasia Chapter is delighted to have been able to facilitate the addition of this material from Professor Miles Lewis’ library to the Building Technology Heritage Library, and thank Meher Bahl for her incredible efforts on this project.

We note that this year will mark the tenth anniversary of the BTHL.  Mike Jackson, who has driven this incredible project throughout that time, is currently working on a summary publication to mark that anniversary.

APT International posts items of interest from the BTHL on social media (@aptpreservation) each week at:


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