APT Europe Chapter launch

APT Australasia Chapter Convenor, Donald Ellsmore, will attend the launch of the APT European Chapter in Milan, Italy on 16 September 2019.  The launch of the new Chapter will be attended by representatives of APT International, APT Latin America Chapter, ICOMOS and others.

The APT European Chapter will be hosted in Milan by Assorestauro, an industry group representing manufacturers of materials, equipment and technology, suppliers of services and specialised companies in the sector of restoration and conservation of heritage in Italy and abroad. The APT European chapter will cover a vast geographical area and be the third chapter outside North America, after Australasia and Latin America.

The launch of the APT European chapter will be held during a restoration week including a restoration trade fair in Ferrara and inspections of projects in several other locations. The event has received sponsorship from participating organisations and the Italian Trade Agency.

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