Longford Academy – Planning a strong future in new hands

This year the Longford Academy will celebrate its tenth year.  And this brings exciting changes for the future of these hands-on building conservation courses at the World Heritage Sites of Woolmers and Brickendon Estates in Longford, Tasmania.

Donald Ellsmore, Convenor of the APT Australasia Chapter, has been the driving force in initiating and coordinating the Longford Academy for a decade, but he now wants to focus on other passions in his life and gently lessen his commitments to LA. So others involved with the Longford Academy, and equally passionate about what can be achieved in the field, met before the Master Classes last August for a 2 day planning exercise to review the past and plan for the future.

Arising from that session is the formation of the Longford Academy Board with Greg Owen as Chair and Coordinator of the 2019 courses, and Donald Ellsmore, David Young, Elisha Long, Brian Maxwell, Anthony Mitchell, Marty Passingham, Gary Waller and Ray Wiltshire working together as a Board.

The APT Australasia Chapter has agreed to continue to support the Longford Academy, but the Longford Academy Board will now be responsible for organising and running these hands-on building conservation courses.

Probably the most exciting thing to come out of the future planning is David Young’s proposal to commence, at Longford in 2020, a Summer School in Building Conservation similar to those he formerly ran at the University of Canberra. Everyone in building conservation in Australia has either been to or aspired to attend that course, and now it will be available again, in an updated format, in World Heritage-listed surroundings.  The next edition will be offered from 9-15 February 2020. Watch out for more information about this.

The Autumn ‘Practical Building Conservation’ course will run again in May 2019, and flyers will be out about that soon, with the Spring ‘Specialist Masterclasses’ now planned for the first week in September 2019.

APT Australasia Chapter has created this page containing more detail on the courses now on offer at Longford Academy, and how to choose which is best for you.

Keep an eye out for future flyers and newsletters, but if you have any questions in the meantime contact Greg Owen on (03) 5728 6694 or by email.

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