Australian Heritage Strategy

Heritage Quality Framework in Australian Heritage Strategy
Invitation to Participate in Development

I am pleased to advise that the Heritage Quality Framework advocated by Australia ICOMOS and APT Australasia Chapter is included as an action under Objective 6 of the Australian Heritage Strategy released on 9 December 2015.

Australia ICOMOS is nominated to lead development of the framework in conjunction with Heritage Officials of Australia and New Zealand, the Department of the Environment and the Building Industry.

The Heritage Quality Framework is a concept needing development.  The scope and details are yet to be defined.  It will require input from a range of practitioners and industry participants to design and develop the strategy.  Some work has been undertaken but there is much more to be done.  Your input is invited and encouraged.  It will be vital to obtaining a good outcome.

In my role as APT Australasia Chapter Convenor I will continue to advocate for improved heritage conservation quality and sustainability, including working with Australia ICOMOS to develop the Heritage Quality Framework.

The process gained some momentum at the Quality Forum in Adelaide in November.

It has received a further boost by inclusion in the Australian Heritage Strategy.

Please contact me to explore ways you could contribute to this process.

Donald Ellsmore
APT Australasia Chapter
December 2015

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