Australian Heritage Quality Framework

APT Australasia Chapter is working closely with Australia ICOMOS to realise an Australian Heritage Quality Framework for Sustainable Heritage Conservation (AQHF).

As part of the Australia ICOMOS ‘Fabric’ conference held in Adelaide, Australia ICOMOS and APT Australasia Chapter convened a forum on the development of a Heritage Quality Framework on 4 November 2015.

These briefing notes were provided to all participants.

Presentations included:

Donald Ellsmore – FABRIC Forum Presentation

Ip Kin Hong (Macau) – Heritage Guards Program

These comprehensive notes on the discussions at the forum, including resolutions, were prepared.

APT members are urged to become involved in the development of the AHQF in any way you can.  For more information, or to pledge assistance, please contact the Convenor, Donald Ellsmore.


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