An Australian Fellow

At the APT Charleston 2012 conference, Donald Ellsmore was inducted as a member of the APT College of Fellows, an honour that recognised his long standing and exemplary contributions to APT and the field of historic preservation (conservation).

The APT College of Fellows honours those APT members who have provided valuable services to the preservation field and to APT.  Overall, the College advises the APT Board of Directors on issues regarding the advancement of philosophy and practice of preservation technology. Members of the College serve on committees or in other capacities, as needed.

Donald, in his role as Convenor of the APT Australasia Chapter, has tirelessly promoted the Association of Preservation Technology for nearly 25 years, and his nomination and subsequent induction to the APT College of Fellows was richly deserved.  Donald is the first Australian to be inducted into the APT College of Fellows.

David West
APT Australasia Chapter

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3 Responses to An Australian Fellow

  1. Congratulations Donald. Well deserved.

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