Hong Kong Forum on Reinforced Concrete

On Saturday 22 January, David West joined APT (US) members Pamela Jerome and Paul Gaudette in Hong Kong as invited presenters at an International Forum on Conservation and Adaptive Reuse of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Hong Kong, organised by the Urban Renewal Authority of Hong Kong.

The Forum was organised as part of an ongoing programme of public engagement during the process of redeveloping the Central Market in Hong Kong into Central Oasis.

The Forum was attended by approximately 250 people, representing a cross-section of professionals, heritage conservationists, and interested members of the public.

David, representing the APT Australasia Chapter, was the first of the invited presenters to speak; his presentation focussed on the key challenges in the conservation of reinforced concrete buildings, with particular emphasis about the importance of significance and authenticity in the process of conserving these buildings.  David also outlined the role of APT and the APT Australasia Chapter in assisting with these challenges.

Download David’s presentation with notes

Pamela Jerome gave a polished presentation on the conservation and refurbishment of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, whilst Paul Gaudette gave an information-packed presentation outlining key technical approaches to conserving concrete buildings, with extensive reference to a variety of case studies.

They were followed by a presentation by Tony Read and Kin-Kei Kwan of Arup, who reported on their condition assessment of the concrete structure of the Central Market.

The forum finished with a panel session, in which questions from the audience were answered, mainly by the international speakers.  There were some interesting questions to respond to, which appeared to reflect an increasing public belief in the importance of heritage conservation in Hong Kong.

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