Announcement: Second Longford Academy



The second APT Australasia Chapter, Longford Academy Course in Advanced Conservation Techniques (LA2) at Woolmers Estate, Tasmania is planned to be conducted over 5 days in May 2011.

Applications for LA2 will close on 30 April 2011 – first notice with details available here.

Further information is available by emailing Donald Ellsmore.  

The outline for the course reflects input from participants in the first Longford Academy held at Woolmers Estate in May 2010. This year’s 5-day program will be designed to incorporate more hands-on activities, including the investigation and analysis of issues to inform the World Heritage sites’ managers to assist them with decision-making.

You are invited to contribute to the course as a participant, organiser and/or promoter. Limited further presentations on the topics may still be accommodated (particularly relevant case studies). 

This year, the course again will be self-funded on the model of income distributed to defray costs and any surpluses shared by the organisers and presenters. The budget presumes 20 student participants, 5 or more presenters, and course fees of $900 ($750 for APT members and full-time students) + travel + accommodation + evening meals. 

If you wish to contribute, please email a brief statement of intent and details to Donald Ellsmore.

Dr Donald Ellsmore
Convenor, Australasia Chapter

10 February 2011

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