Conservation subjects at the Melbourne School of Design

The Melbourne School of Design is moving to meet an increasing demand for skilled architects and advisors in building and related conservation work, both within Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region.

This is an exciting initiative, and it builds upon the special emphasis which the Faculty has always had on the practicalities of historic building materials and structures. These courses have been assisted by the Peggy and Leslie Cranbourne Foundation.

We are offering this material in three different ways:

  • In the form of diploma and masters courses for those who intend to specialise in this area
  • As electives within MSD Masters programs.
  • As professional development courses for architects and other practitioners as part of our Community Access Program (CAP).

Those taking subjects for professional development may not be required by their professional bodies to sit the examination, but they may choose to do so, so that the subject can be credited if they later enrol in a postgraduate qualification.

Two of the subjects now in place (Conservation of Architectural Finishes and Conservation of Architectural Materials), and a third being planned (Conservation Technology), are three week full-time intensive courses, which will be convenient for many practitioners who are able to allocate three weeks for the purpose. This will also be convenient for local and overseas students planning the make-up of irregular courses.

Download more information.

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