Longford Academy – 3 Day course in Advanced Conservation Techniques at Woolmers Estate, Tasmania

Course Outline

APT Australia Chapter will stage a short course in the conservation of exposed wood, metals, plasters and porous masonry materials at Woolmers Estate and Brickendon Estate in Tasmania from 19-21 May 2010.

The course will cover advanced conservation treatments for weathered wood, iron, galvanised steel and roofing systems, exterior and interior plaster finishes and porous masonry materials.


Indoor classes will be held in Woolmers Cottage, an outstanding 1840s building overlooking the Woolmers Estate. Inspections of recent conservation works, demonstrations and outdoor activities will be held on site at Woolmers and Brickendon Estates.


Tuition fees:  $750
Students / APT members:         $600

These fees cover teaching, all activities and daily meals.


On site B&B accommodation is available at Woolmers Estate and Brickendon Estate.


For further information and bookings contact Jennie Chapman, Site Manager, Woolmers Estate on (03) 6391 2230

APT_Longford Academy May 2010 Woolmers_Flyer

The Longford Academy is a centre of excellence in conservation sponsored by the participants.

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