Built Heritage Research Fellowships

There are a couple of research fellowships at the University of SA that may be of interest to APT Australia Chapter members or their colleagues.  Applications close on Monday, so time is limited.

The collections of the Architecture Museum in the School of Art, Architecture and Design provide a rich and unparalleled resource for research into South Australia’s social and cultural history through the lens of architecture and the built environment.

The Museum has the generous support of the South Australian Department for Environment and Heritage (DEH) through the SA Built Heritage Research Fellowship. This annual Fellowship provides the opportunity for in-depth investigation into an aspect of the state’s built heritage.

Since mid 2005, the Department for Environment and Heritage has been offering the DEH SA Built Heritage Research Fellowship at the Architecture Museum, University of South Australia.

Application guidelines and forms 2009/10

In 2009/2010, DEH is offering two Fellowships. One will continue the original Fellowship focus on a subject from a general list of topics and the other will concentrate specifically on the sustainability benefits of the adaptive reuse of buildings in general and of heritage buildings in particular. In each instance applicants should aim to utilise the collections and library of the Architecture Museum. The same applicant will not be awarded both Fellowships.

DEH SA Built Heritage Research Fellowship

DEH Sustainability and Adaptive Reuse Fellowship

Closing date for applications (both Fellowships): Monday 9 November 2009

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