Convenor's Report

APT Australia Chapter

The (Un)Loved Modern conference has passed very successfully with the involvement of several APTI Members including a number from the USA. The conference provided a good opportunity to reflect on our Australia Chapter and where we might like to take it over the next few years. Some current thoughts follow.

A big thank you to David West for his tireless work in getting technical discussion into the (Un)Loved Modern conference and for attracting such high level input from Kyle Normandin (APTI Treasurer), Anne Weber (APTI Board Member and Co-Chair of Publications Committee),  and Pamela Jerome (APTI member) to name three. David’s work has assured a higher profile for our APTI local chapter that we can now exploit in our planning for future activities.

There was some discussion at (Un)Loved Modern about the reach of the Australia Chapter and whether it might become an Australasian Chapter, as it was in the 1980s. Some of our New Zealand colleagues would be keen for that and it has been contemplated that we might be able to also use our South East Asian connections to assist some of our neighbouring colleagues to become active in APTI. We recognize that cost of full membership would be a barrier to many in SE Asia but they all have internet connections so something should be possible. We should keep an open mind until an opportunity presents.

APT’s main interest is the dissemination of information, which it has been doing successfully for 40 years. The Australasian Chapter can only play its part through partnership and collaboration. A couple of ideas are taking form. But there must be more opportunities than we are aware of currently? So if you have an idea or see an opportunity for collaboration please let us know. It may be that the APTI contribution could make the difference between something happening or not happening.

It has never been an aim to generate income but it could be time to think more about raising some money for a good cause. For example, there are three key ways in which we could use limited funding to good effect: 

  • Sponsorship of visiting technical specialists; perhaps to anchor a seminar or series of technical discussions.
  • Support for attendance at the APT annual conference to ensure that we have at least one member attending each year.
  • Sponsorship of students to attend the APT annual conference.

Our next opportunity to promote these ideas at the international level will occur in Los Angeles in November.

Is anyone planning to attend the APT Annual Conference in Los Angeles in November 2009? If you are planning to attend please let us know so that we can assure the best value from your attendance. 

Donald Ellsmore
APTI Australia Chapter

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