The Pacific Connection conference Feb 2009

call for papers


trade, travel & technology transfer

19-21 FEBRUARY 2009

a three day conference exploring connections in the built environment between the Australia, the United States, and the Pacific region

Existing scholarship in the history of the built environment has dealt with the transmission of progressive architectural ideas through published American sources, but has otherwise tended to neglect links across the Pacific.  This conference aims to redress that balance, and to include the export of buildings and techniques from Australasia to the United States, the effect of travellers in both directions, and the building materials market involving New Zealand, South America, China, and Canada.

some possible topics

whaling bases; Singapore and Hong Kong houses; building for the gold rushes; the Californian trade; adobe; the Pacific timber trade; the stud frame & the balloon frame; the machine-made nail; prefabrication; Elford, Aladdin & other US house exports; Chile and the woolshed; international exhibitions; the Kilburn photographs; the corn crib; the roller flour mill; irrigation settlements; pressed metal; terra cotta lumber; Harry Tompkins & the steel frame; expanded metal and the Kahn bar; apartment buildings; western architects in China; the city beautiful movement; bungalows & bungalow courts; the Carnegie Foundation; the Quonset Hut: hospital designers; the US Construction Corps in the Pacific


Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words, together with contact details and affiliation, by 10 November 2008 (unless special circumstances apply) to Catherine Tate, conference coordinator,

Complete papers must be received by 21 January 2009 and will be blind refereed and, if accepted, published for distribution at the conference.

supported by


University of Melbourne
APT Australia Chapter
Australia & New Zealand American Studies Association
Heritage Victoria
Society of Architectural Historians of Australia & New Zealand

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  1. Anne Sullivan says:

    This is an interesting development. How do the comments work?

  2. David West says:

    Your comment comes up, I moderate it (approve it), and it is posted on the blog.
    The idea is that you comment on the blog posting, and we can have a series of comments on the actual post.

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