(Un)Loved Modern – call for papers

Please download this call for papers for the (Un)Loved Modern conference to be held in Sydney 7-10 July 2009.  Organisers welcome abstracts on any aspect of the conference themes.  In particular, APT Australia Chapter members David West and Elisha Long are keen to hear from anybody interested in presenting a paper on technical aspects of conserving 20thC heritage.

Papers are particularly sought for subjects that support the major sub themes of: Re-engaging with the original designer, Unloved Modern, War in the Pacific, Managing 20th century obsolescence, Rethinking colonial heritage, The single house under threat.

This call for papers seeks papers and case studies for the technical streams on:

  • Opera House Materials -eg, development, repair/renewal/replacement of the original fabric and finishes of the Opera House
  • Curtain walls -eg original construction and development, deterioration mechanisms, leakage and responses, metal corrosion issues, glass types, etc.
  • Cladding -(architectural precast and stone) eg panel design, mix design, curing, exposure of aggregates and finishes, adequacy of fixing constraints, bowing marble cladding, matching stone in repair programs
  • Tiled finishes -(terracotta, glazed tiles, mosaics, faience), eg Adhesion vs mechanical restraint.
  • Services -(lifts, air-conditioning, lighting, communications, electrical), eg conserving redundant services, dealing with original life-cycle, adapting for sustainable performance, meeting contemporary operational requirements and building code compliance
  • Perception of Risks -eg perception and publicity, impact on public safety, owners perspective
  • Proprietary items -eg responses to change/cessation of manufacturing process, decision matrices
  • Artwork and sculpture -eg conservation, interaction with substrates, fixings
  • Hazardous materials -eg asbestos, lead based paints and putties, VOCs

The papers could focus on one or more of the following aspects:

  • What was originally constructed and how?
  • What went wrong and why?
  • The conservation options, the method selected and its success.

Abstracts are due by 14 November 2008 and should describe the proposed paper in no more than 300 words.

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