Victorian Interiors report

Group in Villa Alba, Kew
Group in Villa Alba, Kew

APT Australasian Chapter was a partner in the organisation of a successful conference on Victorian Interiors in Melbourne on 24 – 26 July. Long-time members Donald Ellsmore and Miles Lewis collaborated with Robyn Sloggett at the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation and Tracey Avery and Elizabeth Anya-Petrivna at the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) to present a workshop, excursion to outstanding places and conference held at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Melbourne. The three-day event was sponsored by Heritage Victoria and the Department of Planning and Community Development.  

The workshop was attended by 25 participants and dealt with a range of issues commonly encountered when conserving interiors.  

The excursion was attended by 45 participants who took in the outstanding examples of interiors and related documentary resources at the State Library of Victoria, Manchester Unity Building, Block Arcade, former Commercial banking chamber, former ES&A Bank and Verdon Chambers, former Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus foyer, St Mary’s Church East St Kilda, Rippon Lea, Mandeville Hall and Villa Alba.  

Group entering Rippon Lea, Elsternwick

Group entering Rippon Lea, Elsternwick


The conference was opened by Prof Daryl Jackson, Chair of the Heritage Council, and attended by 55 participants from across Australia and two from Britain. Papers were presented by Dr Donald Ellsmore (APT Australia Convenor), Prof Miles Lewis (University of Melbourne), Brian Andrews (CH Hobart), Barrie Cooper (Westox Sydney), Chris Payne (Artlab Adelaide), Anne Toy HHT Sydney), Robert Griffin (HHT Sydney) and Tracey Avery (NT Melbourne).  

The visual presentations can be viewed on the Melbourne University website and copies of the conference papers are available for purchase from the University of Melbourne.   

Villa Alba, Kew - ceiling detail

Villa Alba, Kew - ceiling detail


Photos by Donald Ellsmore

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